Rich LaPerch

Position at Aegis Mobile LLC:

  • Member of the Board of Directors

Current Position:

  • Investor

Company Description:

Mr. LaPerch founded Aegis Mobile in 2007 and served as CEO until September 2012. He has broad experience working with some of the key technologies in the wireless and software markets including: fixed mobile convergence solutions, VoIP, network design and deployment, Bluetooth, wireless content and delivery systems and messaging. Over the last 15 years, he was the CEO/President of Intersect Software, Vibrant Solutions and Call Technologies and has executed five acquisitions along with a successful exit. He was recently awarded a patent for a Bluetooth that improves usability and reception of the mobile phone in the home.

Corporate Board of Director Roles:


  • Aegis Mobile LLC, Columbia, MD,
  • Prior

  • Connectiv Solutions (now WeDo Technologies),
  • Intersect SW
  • Vibrant Solutions (now Teoco)
  • TLG Communications,
  • Aquazul LLC


  • B.S., The United States Military Academy, West Point, NY