Management Team

Our team of wireless, compliance, testing and data warehousing industry experts has extensive experience working in the mobile compliance arena. When you choose Aegis Mobile as your solutions provider, you get:

  • The leadership of experienced data warehousing, data analytics, mathematical modeling and intelligence gathering executives
  • Compliance analysts with in-depth industry knowledge
  • A reputable company with a proven track record

John Bruner - President

Title: President

Started with Aegis Mobile: September 2012

Education: BS in Psychology from Arizona State University and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from The American University in Washington, DC.

John Bruner is Aegis Mobile’s President and reports to the Board of Directors.  John is responsible for the vision, growth and strategic direction of the company.  He has experience leading a broad range of business and technology services including:  technology innovation and strategy; process reengineering; regulatory and financial management and reporting; enterprise software strategy and development; enterprise telecommunications services; and enterprise information services in data warehousing, data management, data governance and business intelligence.

Prior to joining Aegis Mobile, John was Corporate Vice President Business Information Solutions for Alion Science and Technology.  He was responsible for driving and implementing the next generation information and application architecture for the enterprise.  John also spent 18 years at Fannie Mae during which time he led the implementation of state of the art data warehousing and business intelligence services for the enterprise.

John Tullai - Chief Operating Officer

Started with Aegis Mobile: October 2013


Title:  Chief Operating Officer

Education:  BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, and MBA in General Management from University of Rhode Island.

John Tullai is Aegis Mobile’s Chief Operating Officer, responsible for leading the operations, research and development, information technology, and executing the strategy of the Company.  John has a broad background in engineering, science and technology, research and development, software development, and project, program and organizational management.

Prior to joining Aegis Mobile, John was Senior Program Manager at 3 Phoenix, Inc.  He was previously Vice President and Chief Scientist at Alion Science and Technology leading US Navy Science, Technology, Research and Development programs as well as corporate infrastructure quality and technology initiatives for 16 years.

Gillet Kooran - Vice President & Controller

Title: Vice President & Controller

Started with Aegis Mobile: October 2010

Education: Master’s degree in Accounting from University of Kerala, India.

Gillet Kooran heads the company’s Finance and Accounting function.