App Certification & Testing

Our App Certification and Testing Service is designed to ensure carriers, app stores and app developers that their mobile applications stay within compliance of industry regulations. With the rapid growth of the mobile app industry including third-party development, nothing is more important than providing your customers with a quality and safe experience.

  • Carriers – Protect your network and customers from fraudulent activity stemming from malicious apps.
  • App Stores – Take all necessary actions to provide the safest environment for your customers to shop and download trustworthy apps
  • App Developers – Ensure your application meets industry regulations including privacy, compliance, cost to consumers and cross-platform risks

Aegis Mobile has the experience and expertise in the industry to provide your organization with carrier-grade app certification and testing. Our in-house analysts have access to an extensive collection of mobile devices across all platforms and operating systems. We review each app to make sure the app is compliant and all unnecessary risks are avoided. With regulatory agencies cracking down on the slightest violations, ensuring app compliance is a must.