Success Through Transparency

Successful participation and growth in the mobile ecosystem, whether your segment is messaging,
digital payments, identity services, internet of things, or other value add services, requires trust
between customers and providers at all levels. If the consumer can be confident that they know who
they are hearing from, buying from, or trusting with their information, they will answer the call,
respond to the message, complete the purchase or provide the data that allows the ecosystem to
thrive. It is therefore incumbent upon all stakeholders to ensure the integrity of the partners in the
value chain.

While some partners in mobile services are large, well-known public companies with global
reputations that precede them, most brands reaching out to customers over mobile are likely to be
relatively small unknown players pitching lesser-known products or services in which consumers
have no pre-established trust. Though most businesses honestly seek to deliver value, a small but
powerful minority of nefarious actors inevitably upset the marketplace by betraying trust and
defrauding merchants, content service providers, mobile network operators, and consumers.

The transparency that spoils the game for the bad actors comes in the form of careful consideration
and verification of the value chains entering the ecosystem (brand plus all interim resellers and
aggregators), diligent review of the content and products offered to consumers, and ongoing
monitoring of reputation and in-market behavior.

Aegis Mobile is a proud member of MEF’s DCB for Growth.

Find the full white paper “Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content” developed by MEF