Channel Compliance

Partner and Program Management
Offering a full suite of compliance services including registration, 3rd party vetting and on-boarding, and pre-launch program review and approval workflow.

Fully configurable implementations and operational support services create efficiency for your partners and improve your partner and customer experience
In Market Monitoring
Effective, high value targeting quickly identifies the most relevant threats to your brand.

Improve internet and mobile network brand experience unitlizing the most sophisticated monitoring tools in the market.

Ensure your partners are compliant and provide for optimal customer brand experience.
Transaction Pattern Analytics
Utilize advanced pattern analytics and behavioral data modeling to highlight and investigate transaction anomalies that provide both identification of risk events or unrealized business opportunities.

Integrate market and operational performance data with entity and program data to reduce risk, improve operations, increase profitability and maximize the brand value.
Corrective Action
Fast take-downs, legal and regulatory support to protect your brand and reputation. Expert witnesses and an industry leading auditable workflow platform ensure a winning position whether you are the plaintiff or defendant.

We use our broad industry relationships to ensure your partners perform timely corrective actions, with quick takedowns for the most severe violations.