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Aegis is a global leader in company identity verification, brand protection, fraud detection, 3rd party integrity assurance, channel risk management, and open source data intelligence.
Aegis “Verification” Experience & Expertise

Aegis has been a trusted channel “verification” partner for wireless carriers, aggregators, and enterprise businesses for over 13 years. Aegis began working with the largest U.S. wireless carrier in 2007 to provide verification and compliance services that ensured the safe and beneficial growth of the digital content market for mobile consumers on the carrier payment and billing platform Premium SMS. Since that time, Aegis has expanded internationally and apply our services to other industries and telecommunications business channels. Aegis has developed a secure set of robust proprietary tools and multiple automated platforms which are employed in conjunction with consistent processes operated by a team of expert investigative resources. These fully auditable platforms meet the highest standards of the wireless industry.

Aegis RCS “Verification Authority” Solution

Aegis’ existing robust Verification solution has served the needs of many Telecommunications channels and other industries for over a decade. We are ready to serve your RCS Verification needs today. In March 2020, our “new” RCS Verification Authority Solution will leverage our revolutionary 10DLC automated verification platform. This rapid-turnaround verification service combined with our expert investigative team will determine whether the RCS Chatbot to be verified is entitled to use the Brand name and logo provided. Aegis will make available both a Registration Portal and a web services API for submission of Chatbot information. This implementation is flexible to accommodate custom needs of carriers and aggregators as well as future interoperability needs of the RCS industry. As a GSMA approved Verification Authority, Aegis is in discussions with carriers globally to align requirements, beta test, and launch their RCS solutions.

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