Brand Protection

Advanced Search and Capture Technologies
Dynamic attack vectoring and global reach with local presence via geo-specific search. 

Continuous monitoring ensures ongoing awareness of risk changes within partners, their industry, or their geolocation.
Threat Actor Detection
Big data analytics, intelligent harvesting and relational analysis to identify the most complex, high value threat actors and their strategies.
Partner Registration and 
Web based workflow platform configurable to integrate into any supply chain process.
Comprehensive Relational Background Investigations
Focus on non-public, high-risk business partners for integrity violations, financial position, cyber preparedness, and private data trust

Do-Not-Return Database: a proprietary database of millions of threat actors with multi-variable link analysis prevents bad actors from both entering or returning to do business as a new entity.
Multi - model Database Support
Keep the most prevalent threat actor strategies from harming your business by dynamically linking people, businesses and their risk events.