History of Aegis

Operating on two continents and supporting global supply chains, Aegis is a global leader in technology solutions that leverage market data to elevate your brand performance in the digital world.

Since 2006, Aegis has kept our eyes on the digital marketplace for our clients, providing actionable intelligence and operational solutions to protect and optimize their brand.

We began our journey working with the US Wireless Carriers providing a suite of services that ensured the safe and beneficial operations and eventual growth of the digital content market for mobile consumers. In the course of providing market oversite and compliance management, Aegis implemented live monitoring and evaluation techniques designed to intercept branded digital content to ensure an optimal user experience while also proactively protecting consumers against the dynamic e-commerce threats as they emerged and evolved in this rapidly growing technology based market. 

By 2011, the industry in the US had grown to a multi-billion dollar channel with thousands of third party digital vendors, and tens of thousands of games, apps, ads, websites and other digital content directly engaging millions of consumers. The unique skills and technologies employed by Aegis in this industry led to an expansion of our solutions across multiple industries and business channels on a global level. Some of the industries served are Finance and Banking, Insurance and Surety, Government, Telecom, Hospitality, and Brand Licensing. We discover daily there are new industries to which Aegis can make a meaningful impact.

Today, both threats and opportunities are higher than ever in the digital world. Aegis can provide the custom solution to elevate your brand performance.